Cultural activities

"Zambia’s contemporary culture is a mix of values, material and spiritual traditions of more than 70 ethnically diverse people."

Mukuni village tour

About 7 km North-East of the Victoria Falls is Mukuni Village. It was founded around the 13th Century. It is home to about 7,000 Toka-Leya people.

Due to infertile soil and unreliable rain pattern the village has now turned to tourism. The villagers are proud to showcase their cultural inheritance; with a wonderful curios market, selling intricate wood carvings, stoneware, jewellery and baskets.

Visitors to the village get a glimpse of how the people have lived for generations.  They also learn a little about their traditional customs and beliefs.

Tour guides show visitors the huts and explain how they are built and decorated.

Livingstone tour

Livingstone is a historical town, named after Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone. it is located about 10km from the Victoria Falls.

Livingstone Museum is the oldest museum in Zambia with interesting displays of David Livingstone memorabilia.

For sometime Livingstone was the Railway hub for the region.  A railway museum has been dedicated to the period after the railway line crossing the gorge. A collection of unique locomotives and coaches are displayed.

Maramba Market Tour

The Maramba Market is the biggest market in Livingstone.  It sells everything from vegetables and cooking pots to handcrafts and colorful fabric.